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-Satellite town of Constain


Plantation based Agrarian foodstuffs.


Avteton's, located to the southwest of the capital, provides food to the capital city of Rhondain. The goods are mostly peddled straight from the farm via family Merchant and sold in the city market to businesses located in the city or directly shipped to a clan Owned business, sometimes both.

Traditionally there was no paid work on the three clan owned plantations. Plantations are operated by frugal kinship groups who traditionally had done all the labor required on the farm. The infrastructure of the town consists if individual clan estates as well as a communally owned plaza located in the center of the three clan estates. Recently, the clan plaza has become a makeshift office where refugees come to be assigned work and come to pick up wages.

The plaza is primarily used as a gathering place, especially after harvest when the three clans band together in a mutual effort to ship goods to market in the city.


Aveton's government consists of a tribunal between the patriarchs of the 3 clans.

The general idea of the Tribunal is to allow the clans a forum to discuss and vote on matters that affect all their businesses and to make decisions for the town.

Each of the three clans has a Clan Patriarch and a Council. Depending on the clan the Patriarch is either voted upon or the oldest of the Clan at the time. Each Clan is divided into families. Each family has its own head. The individual heads of the family serve on the Clan Council.

The Clans of Aveton

Clan Utheriel

Race- Elven
Patriarch- Almen Utheriel
Membership- ~1500

The Utheriels were the founding clan of Aveton. Formerly a family under the S'gaithyl Clan of the town Walton. The Utheriels split with the S'gaithyl Clan in order to establish themselves as a clan. Walton is located to the Northeast. The Utheriels decided to locate their clan on the opposite side of the capital. The elves have kept quite about their personal feelings about the split. But, as everyone knows, Elves have long memories.

Clan Barnod

Race- Human
Patriarch: Joseph Barnod
Membership ~1000

The Barnods were the first human clan to join the Elves in Aveton. The elves, on founding their city, held open application to human families who had not yet become clans to come and join them in Aveton as Full Clans. The Barnods are a well know clan, one of only 2 human agricultural operations(both located in Aveton) in Rhondain. The Barnods soon found themselves to be a sizable clan as many other families began to marry into their kinship qroup. Soon the other Human Clan of Aveton was formed as per human clan Tradition.

Clan Ferren

Race- Human
Patriarch- Matthew Ferren
Membership ~800

The Ferren Clan is the son of the Barnod clan. Human Clan tradition dictates that as a Clan approaches 2000 members it will divide itself. The Ferren Clan is relatively unknown as an independent clan but has amassed wealth over the generations.

Additional notes about the clans: This is a short clan history spanning many generations. This represents what the current characters in the game would know without a knowledge(local) check.

The Refugees of Aveton

Population ~3500 and growing.

Aveton has assimilated the idea of wage labor well. The clans of the town have seen it as an opportunity to to greatly expand their already large family holdings.

As a result they have hired several thousand refugees to replace as well as bolster the old supply of labor to numbers beyond what has ever been seen in Aveton. The land holdings of the town itself have expanded greatly as a result, but also this has resulted in the founding of New Deal. New Deal (formerly known as just "refugee camp") stole its name from the tavern of the same name located within.

The refugees live in a slum. They have no sewage disposal to speak of thus leading to an out break of disease. Also, the rising cost of food due to the massive influx of refugees has lead most of them to poverty. The refugees are no longer able to sustain themselves at a comfortable level on their old wage.

Party Exploits in Aveton

-Successfully stopped Goblin Raids from occurring.
-Daeris was nearly lynched for his courting of a Barnod clan daughter. Saved by Kren.
-Kren was temporarily exiled from the Ferren clan as punishment for his unruly behavior.

**NOTE: all of this is subject to updates as the game progresses!

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