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(Pregame) Character Questionnaire

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(Pregame) Character Questionnaire
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(Answer these questions from a pre-apocalypse viewpoint of your character. Question #26 will deal with how your character changes after that event.)

1. What is your character's full name? Does he/she have any nicknames or aliases?

2. What is your character's ethnicity/nationality?

3. What is your character's height, weight, eye color, hair color (natural and dyed, if applicable), skin color, blood type? Does he/she have any tattoos, burns, scars, piercings, etc.?

4. How would your describe your character's build and "look"? How does he/she dress and wear his/her hair?

5. What does your character's voice sound like (pitch, accent, etc.)?

6. What are your character's perks and how are they definitive of him/her? What character flaws does he/she have?

7. Where is your character from in Champaign County (or is he/she from outside)? Did your character grow up there?

8. I need at least 8 NPCs that are in some way related to your character: relatives, friends, teachers & mentors, past and present significant others, political connections, bosses, etc. You should write at least two sentences for each that describe a) this person's relationship to your character, b) what this NPC is like in general (physically, personality-wise, whatever). You should name your parents, siblings, closest friends and current significant others, but a simple definition is fine for the rest - I'll take care of the name. (When other players are posting their NPCs, read their lists and decide if you might know some of their NPCs as well.)

9. In general, how did your character grow up? What was his/her family like? Who were his/her friends? How was elementary school, high school, college (if applicable)?

10. What is your character's job? Why did he/she choose (or end up in) this job? How does your character feel about his/her work?

11. How's money? How tight is your character with it? Is there something he/she can't help but splurge on?

12. What does your character use for transportation? Does he/she have a car or other vehicle of his/her own (and what is it like?), ride the bus, etc.?

13. What sort of dwelling does the character live in? (A house, an apartment, a trailer-house, a cave, a refrigerator box?) Provide a simple (at least 1 sentence) description of the interior.

14. What are your character's moral/ethical beliefs? Does he/she hold any religious beliefs (and does he/she attend formal religious services)? Does he/she believe in luck/karma/destiny? How committed is your character to these beliefs?

15. How does your character feel about legal authority? Has he/she ever been convicted of a crime? If so, are these crimes cleared or outstanding?

16. What does your character like to do in his/her free time? Does your character or would he/she like to travel? What kinds of television shows, books, magazines, music, movies, food and drink, etc. does your character like? Does he/she use any recreational drugs?

17. How would you describe your character politically? Are there certain issues that he/she feels strongly about?

18. What are your character's hopes/fears for the future? How does he/she plan to achieve/avoid these things?

19. Does your character like to fight? How would he/she behave in a combat encounter? Does your character train in any kind of fighting style or martial art? Does he/she prefer to use a certain weapon?

20. What is your character's attitude towards death? How would he/she want to be disposed of afterwards (buried, cremated, etc.)? Can murder/assassination be justified to him/her, or does everyone deserve an honorable death?

21. Is your character introverted or extroverted? How does he/she solve most problems with other people? How does he/she get along with other people in general?

22. Does your character have a single prized possession? How did he/she acquire it?

23. How does your character respond to compliments, flattery, gifts, charity? How does he/she respond to being ignored, insults, solicitation, being harrassed?

24. Does your character have any sort of prejudices in regards to race, nationality, gender, sexual orientation, etc.? If so, why?

25. Indicate and briefly describe at least three but no more than six important events in your character's life; choose at least two but no more than four of these events to receive special attention and describe them more thoroughly. We will be using these events for individual background flashback sequences before the real game itself begins.


26. How in particular do you think the upcoming cataclysmic event (i.e., the blood purge, mabool, etc.) will affect any of the above aspects of your character? How do you think he/she will change in the new world? (You can return to this question later if you'd like.)

27. What role would best fit your character in the "adventuring party"?

28. What song (or band/performer or music genre) best evokes the mood that would fit your character's personality - and would he/she like the song/band/genre?

29. Your character has discovered someone breaking into their house. What does he/she do?

30. Do you have any ideas for how your character will fit into the campaign? For example, ideas for subplot adventures focused on his/her origin, enemies, supporting NPCs, etc.? (You can come back to this question after the game has started if game developments give you a good idea.)
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