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Incarnum in my Eberron

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Incarnum in my Eberron
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I finally got a chance to check out Magic of Incarnum, so here's how I'm working it into my Eberron campaign:

- I will not be using the races in the book for the most part. Dusklings may reside in Thelanis, and a human may very, very rarely be born as an azurin; but the other races will not be present (or at least prevalent).

- The incarnate class will be very rare, since Incarnum as a discipline has for the most part died out. There are a few kalashtar incarnates and a few goblinoids may be able to pursue the incarnate class once more, however. Gnomes may have also discovered enough about Incarnum to take levels in incarnate.

- The soulborn class can occur among just about any race, but it is most commonly found among the rare azurin and goblinoids.

- The totemist class is found among tribal societies, particularly among those of goblinoids, orcs, Talenta halflings and shifters.

- Incarnum feats are available to anyone who has studied enough about incarnum (usually by finding incarnum texts in Dhakaani ruins or being taught by incarnate goblinoids or kalashtar) or already has levels in an Incarnum class. They are relatively common (i.e., still pretty rare) among goblinoids.

- Prestige classes will be case-by-case. Note that the fluff behind the Incarnum Blade will change: it is instead an ancient hobgoblin tradition, but it would likely be possible for other races to pursue it.

Incarnum as a tradition was one established and refined by the goblinoids of the Dhakaani Empire. It was used to the exclusion of other disciplines such as magic and psionics (which explains why the empire left behind so few permanent magic items).

Unfortunately, most of the knowledge about Incarnum was lost when the Dhakaani Empire was weakened and ultimately shattered by the Daelkyr War. But the goblinoids had already linked themselves with their own essentia, which has caused soulborn to appear among them even unto the present. It is also thought that a few Incarnum texts remain in abandoned Dhakaani fortresses.

A tradition long hidden, Incarnum sparked some interest during the Last War when its use was seen among goblinoid mercenaries. Scholarly-minded gnomes in particular are intent to study its use and implications.

Incarnate totemism was formed in the periphery of the Dhakaani Empire and has been passed down orally among tribal shamans alongside (or sometimes in the exclusion of) druidism.
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<--- Wants to be a goblin

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incarum is kewl
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