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Warren T. Quarren & Harlan Brynn

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Warren T. Quarren & Harlan Brynn
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These are two of the MN characters, and will both be appearing in the first side-story PBP game. Stats are presented here for reference and enjoyment.

Harlan Brynn
NPC/Former PC
Sex, Race Male Human
Type Medic, Public Relations Expert, Military Officer, Apprentice Jedi
Homeworld Alderaan
Age 31
Birthdate Unknown
Height, Weight 1.7m, 50kg
Eye, Hair Color green, light brown
Skin Tone tanned

Medium Male human noble 7/jedi 3
Destiny 2; Force Points 10; DSP 3
Init. +12; Senses Perception +12
Languages Basic, High Galactic, Rodese, Mon Calamari, Shyriiwook, Bacce (4 unspecified)
Defenses Ref 23 (flat-footed 21), Fort 20, Will 25
hp 52; Threshold 30
Speed 6 squares
Melee unarmed +10(1d4+5)
Melee lightsaber +11 (2d8+5)
Ranged Blaster Pistol +11 (3d6+5)
Base Atk +8; Grp +10
Force Powers Known (6) Battlestrike, Mind Trick , Move Object, Rebuke, Surge, Vital Transfer
Abilities Str 10, Dex 14, Con 10, Int 18, Wis 14, Cha 18
Talents Presence, Demand Surrender, Bolster Ally, Deflect, Adept Negotiator, Inspire Confidence
Feats Linguist, Weapon Proficiency (lightsabers, pistols, simple), Force Sensitivity, Skill Focus (persuasion), Weapon Finesse, Quick Draw, Skill Focus (Treat Injury), Force Training x2, Weapon Focus (lightsaber), Skill Focus (knowledge [tactics])
Skills Deception +14, Gather Information +14, Initiative +12, Knowledge (bureaucracy) +14, Knowledge (social sciences) +14, Knowledge (tactics) +19, Perception +12, Persuasion +19, Treat Injury +19, Use the Force +14
Possessions Dark Blue Lightsaber with wrist holster, Blaster Pistol (increased accuracy), Alderanian-style clothing

Bio Harlan was an up and coming senatorial aide during his youth, and was expected to go very far in the senate. However, his life took a drastic turn in 0ABY after the abolishment of the senate and the destruction of his homeworld of Alderaan. Shortly after his home planet's destruction, he overheard two of the senators discussing the rumored "Rebel Alliance". He confronted the senators, and at first they suspected him to be an Imperial agent there to arrest them. However, they soon realized that he had a strong desire for revenge against the Empire.

He was discovered to have a head for tactics and getting people to work together and the Alliance asigned him to a base on the planet Edan 2. When the base was attacked by the Empire, he and several other Rebels were involved in a strike force (organized by the late Jouren "Sarge" Harlander) that repelled the Imperial occupiers from the planet. Impressed by the team's cohesion and skill, he formed them into a special operations unit.

Harlan took the role as the groups "PR representative" as well as medic. Over the next few years, the crew had several run-in's with the group known as the Roughnecks. Geeto Islad and Daranek Valyagar realized that Harlan and another member of the party were force-sensitive and provided them with some limited Jedi training as well as short lightsabers.

Eventually disaster struck the group while investigating a derelict and half the group was wiped out, only Harlan, Warren T. Quarren, and the Mon Calamari Brek survived the event. Although Brek decided not to continue working with the group, she instead became a full-time starfighter pilot, Harlan and Warren continued to run operations for Sarge up until the Sith War.

During the war, Harlan at first thought to continue his Jedi training, since that he was unable to defeat even Warren in sparring matches. However he realized that he would be better placed not on the front lines battling the Sith, but instead lending his growing knowledge of tactics and leadership abilities to the GA commanders.

Following the war's end, he took a post as an advisor to Mon Mothma, and was pleasantly suprised to find that his GA-assigned bodyguard was none other than Warren. Although both Geeto and Daranek offered to continue his Jedi training, he declined preferring to stay and work to rebuild the Senate.

Warren T. Quarren
NPC/Former PC
Sex, Race Male Quarren
Type Elite Solider/Bodyguard
Homeworld Mon Calamari
Age Unknown
Birthdate Unknown
Height, Weight 1.8m, 108kg
Eye, Hair Color black, n/a
Skin Tone dark salmon

Medium Male Quarren scout 3/solider 7/elite trooper 3
Destiny 2; Force Points 10; DSP 5
Init. +14; Senses Perception +11
Languages Basic, Quarrenese, Mon Calamarian
Special Abilities Breathe Underwater, Expert Simmer, Low-Light Vision, Evasion, Damage Reduction 1
Defenses Ref 30 (flat-footed 27), Fort 30, Will 23
hp 150; Threshold 30
Speed 6 squares
Melee unarmed +15 (1d8+11)
Melee stun baton +15 (1d6+10 or 2d6+10 stun)
Melee vibrodagger +15 (2d4+10)
Melee mounted vibrobayonet +15 (2d6+12)
Melee force pike +15 (2d8+11/+14)
Ranged Heavy Blaster Pistol +15 (3d8+8)
Ranged Scoped Blaster Rifle +16 (3d8+10)
Ranged Scoped Blaster Rifle +13/+13 (3d8+10/3d8+10)
Ranged Grenade (by type+6)
Base Atk +12; Grp +15
Special Attack Options: Double Attack (rifles), Point Blank Shot
Abilities Str 17, Dex 17, Con 16, Int 14, Wis 12, Cha 8
Talents Evasion, Improved Initiative, Melee Smash, Devastating Attack (rifles), Weapon Specialization (rifles), Harm's Way, Exotic Weapon Master, Multiattack Proficiency (rifles)
Feats Shake it Off, Weapon Proficiency (rifles, pistols, simple), Weapon Focus (rifles), Point Blank Shot, Armor Proficiency (light, medium), Martial Arts I, Weapon Proficiency (heavy weapons), Double Attack (rifles), Martial Arts II, Weapon Proficiency (advanced melee), Toughness
Skills Endurance +14, Initiative +14, Perception +12, Pilot +14, Stealth +14, Swim +14, Treat Injury +12
Possessions Heavy Blaster Pistol (increased damage), Scoped Blaster Rifle (increased damage), Stun Baton, Collapsable Force Pike (increased damage), Combat Gloves, Bandolier (2 frag grenades, 2 stun grenades, 3 power packs, vibrodagger, thermal detonator, 2 spare slots), Utility Belt (powerpack, tool kit, 2 medpacks, energy cell, glow rod, comlink [encrypted], liquid cable dispenser with small grappling hook, vibrobayonet , 3-day supply of food capsules, Razor Wire), Concealed Hold-Out Blaster (DC 29), Galactic Alliance Sergeant's Uniform, Credit Chip (1,500 credits)
Weapons Not on Person Flamethrower, Vibroblade, Vibroaxe, Grenade Launcher, Blaster Cannon, Heavy Blaster Rifle, Light Repeating Blaster Rifle, 4 Blaster Pistols (various upgrades), 2 Heavy Blaster Pistols, Scoped Ion Rifle, Ion Pistol, Bowcaster, 10 Frag Grenades, 4 Stun Grenades, 4 Ion Grenades, 2 Thermal Detonators, Bow, Silenced Slugthrower Pistol; Various Ammunition Types, Power Packs, and Energy Cells.
Other Possessions Modified Military Speeder Bike, Skipray Blastboat, R2 Astromech Droid

Bio Warren joined the Rebel Alliance at a ripe young age. He was eventually assigned to an outpost on Edan 2 as part of the base security. When the base was destroyed he and several other Alliance personnel evaded Imperial capture and led an assualt against the occupying forces with the assistance of Jouren Harlander, better known as Sarge. Impressed by their abilities, Warren in particular, he formed the group into one of his special operations groups. They went on to accomplish several high-risk operations including the "rescue" of the founding members of Roughneck Sqaudron.

Eventaully the group encountered a derelict Imperial vessel that had been taken over by a parasitic alien lifeform. Only Warren, Harlan Bryen, and Brek Alacben survived the encounter. After the encouter, Brek became a full-time starfighter pilot while Warren and Harlan continued operations for Sarge.

During the Sith/Galactic Alliance War, Warren became a member of the Roughnecks, and under Sarge he began covert operations. He distinguished himself during several ground engagements and was decorated many times for his bravery. After the war, Warren went into semi-retirement. While still active in the military, his primary duty is bodyguard for his friend Harlan Bryen as well as Mon Mothma to whom Brynn is an advisor.

Skills and Abilities Warren is a master of combat, be it ranged or hand-to-hand. Proficent with nearly any form of weaponry be it ranged, melee or even hand-to-hand. He also possesses a vast armory of weapons which he keeps in his personal Skipray Blastboat.
Anyone who knows the bulky Quarren for a period of time will eventually notice the row of eight crude lightsaber tattoos across his upper right arm. During his service to the Rebellion and the GA, he's combated several Dark Jedi and Sith. These tattoos mark the ones the has personally killed. Upon closer inspection there are small red lines behind three of the tattoos, these mark the ones that he's killed without ranged weaponry.
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