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Some things to keep in mind (plus other musings)

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Some things to keep in mind (plus other musings)

Order of the Force, y/n?
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This first part goes pretty much exclusively for Andrew and Pudge, David you can skip down a bit if you like. However, if you want to chime in on anything that I've put here feel free to do so.

If either of you have any questions that you need answered, either ask them here (preferred) or hit me up on AIM.

The Jedi Orders

Keep in mind some things about these orders. You've only had these groups for twenty years, that means that they are still very young. Neither of your characters has ever been heavily involved in building a organization from the ground up, they're going to make mistakes, things are going to go wrong and somewhere along the line people will have died. That's the nature of the job of being a galactic peacekeeper. Also, there's a grand total of 87 trained/training Jedi in the galaxy right now, so your orders are still very, very small in comparison to the old Jedi Order, even in it's final days.

Some things to think about when developing leadership amongst the orders. There was a time, a time that spanned years when Geeto and Daranek were the only fully trained members of their orders. There was no one else to look to and they had "uphold the law" so to speak amongst the trainees. So let's her a little about the inaugural class of Jedi from both camps.

Even then, particularly with Daranek, would he really rush to re-establish the Jedi Council? Even Luke hesitated to do so for many decades, and even then he sometimes regrets the decision and was in many ways forced into doing so.

And Geeto's order is going to meet with more than a little difficulty in their order, as his teachings can at times lead towards the Dark Side, in some cases more heavily than Daranek's. And he will have at some point lost students to this path, and in some cases much more violently than Daranek (more on this later).

So take a few looks at your orders, they've been around for a short time and they've been extremely rocky years for them, so let's hear more about the growths that they might have experienced.

So I'm thinking of pushing the next planned episode of the Sarge Chronicles to PbP instead of doing it in person. I'm doing this because I want to be able to play the sequel campaign the next time I'm in town, that way we can do some more PbP over the summer with the new characters in addition to some further Tales of the Sarge Chronicles. So, Sir David of Edge, at your earliest convience let's get a Star Wars RPG thread up. I would like it set up as either two separate forums with the titles:
1) The Sarge Chronicles
2) Order of the Force
Or as one forum "Star Wars RPG" (or something much catchier) with those as sub-forums, which ever you feel would be better.

Oh yea, forgot to mention the game is officially going to be called "Order of the Force". The Sarge Chronicles was a fine name for the original game but it just doesn't fit with the new game. And while yes, Sarge's son will make more than a couple of appearances, he's not going to be the driving force that his father was.
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