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[not-so-sticky] Character Creation - Updated 1/28/08

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[not-so-sticky] Character Creation - Updated 1/28/08
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Abilities: 32-point buy, no 18's starting.
Level: 2
Race: non-droid, no gungans or ewoks
Class Restrictions: if you wish to have levels in Jedi, then your first level must be the Jedi class. This does not mean that your second level must belong to the Jedi class nor does this prevent you from expanding into the Jedi class at higher levels.
Feat Restrictions: your character must have the Force Sensitivity feat (this does mean that a large part of the game will focus on your characters accepting their Jedi heritage and what it means to be a Jedi).
Recommendations: It would most likely be beneficial to your character to be trained in the Pilot skill or to have the Weapon Proficiency (heavy weapons) feat at either the time of character creation or plan to take it at a later level. The Spacehound talent is also an acceptable substitute.
Further Warnings and Guidelines: There are going to be parts of this game where the characters are going to be left to their own devices (kinda like being thrown but-ass naked into the jungle...only Star Wars style). So it would be best to have a character who's somewhat self-reliant, and having some combat ability wouldn't hurt you either. Also keep in mind this is Star Wars, your characters are larger than life, they are the ones who would run headlong into a burning building surrounded by stormtroopers for even the smallest reason. So let's try to stay away from the sheer support-type characters. I want to take your characters through an epic arc, have them face challenges and grow. And I hope that your character will be someone different than who they were at the start of the game.

Character Background: Your characters must be at least GA-friendly. That means that they'd be willing to offer assistance to the GA if it was needed.
-Age and Year of Birth
-Height and Weight
-Physical Description
(clothing styles, hair length, and other distinguishable features)
-Basic Backstory
-Living Family Members
-Any connections with the more prominent characters from the previous game (Sarge, Geeto, Daranek, Dacer, Timmy, ect).

Possible Character Types: GA Solider/Member of the Roughnecks, Bodyguard, Jedi (Antaran or Orthodox), GA or Jedi-friendly Mercenary/Smuggler, Diplomat.
-please keep in mind that these are merely suggestions; you're free to create whatever background you wish, just keep in mind that combat skills of some variety will be needed during the course of the campaign. Also, have a character that is likely to be assigned to field missions from the GA/Jedi.

Bonus Points: Find a drawing that looks like your character, post that in the ways that it's been done in the first game's thread. Keep the picture on the small side, and in black and white.

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Joined: 02 Nov 2006
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Altered abilities section; increased point-but limit and put limitation on abilities.
Expanded the Class Recommendations section.
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