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Daeris Manar
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Daeris Manar
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Post Session Seven Reply with quote
After the two of them shared a disturbing dream centered on the sword they were given and specters of dead goblins summoning them from the wagon, Daeris and Kren decided it was about time to do something about their "gift." Discussing matters in private, Daeris revealed a bleeding (yet not hurting) wound in the shape of the Goblin amulet in the very place it used to sit on his chest. The next night they were to keep a closer eye on each other.

Daeris took the watch as Kren slept fitfully. Suddenly Kren leaped to his feet and darted for the wagon, but Daeris managed to tackle him to the ground, knocking him from his stupor. Then and there the two decided to take the sword away from the camp and bury it. Daeris struggled briefly with the sword's power when trying to drop it into the pit he had dug, but he overcame it and soon the cursed weapon was buried. Telling no one about the effect the sword had on them or what they had done with it, the group continued their journey to Aveton.

They stopped the wagon outside of New Deal and both sneaked in, leaving their hirelings there. Daeris was spotted when trying to shadow Horchief, whom he convinced of the true nature of the amulets they were given and with whom he talked at length about the goblins' plans as well as the situation in New Deal. Stopping him from attempting to destroy his own amulet, Daeris agreed to take it when Horchief wanted nothing more to do with it.

Daeris returned to the camp alone, learning from Tom that one of the hires, Aramel, had expressed disgust with their work so far and left without the rest of his payment. Moments later Kren returned saying that he had convinced Gilgred to let Horchief heal his daughter.

Although Kren offered to let the hired men accept their pay and go, those who remained all agreed to stay on in exchange for more money in the future.

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Joined: 01 Nov 2006
Posts: 401
Location: Beijing

Post The Why of Daeris Manar's Actions, Consequences II Reply with quote
Audience with Thane Gorm
Daeris sought to warn Gorm about the danger to Margan's Hold. Originally he intended to reveal his identity to the thane in the hopes that it would make his words all the more convincing, but this turned out to be unnecessary and impractical for three reasons: one, Gorm did not express doubt at his words, ostensibly because he was not concerned with whether they were true or not; two, although the thane saw through Daeris' disguise, he did not question who he really was as long as he was helping the dwarves; and three, Kren's presence during the audience threw a wrench in his original plan, as he only sought to willingly endanger himself in the process.
How it Succeeded: Daeris discovered that the dwarves wanted to move from their present location anyway, thus opening up a path to destroy the orb beneath the mines without the loss of life. He also found out about a wave of killings that are attributed to him, suggesting that someone is impersonating him and doing the killings to worsen his reputation. This is both a handy piece of information and a positive development, as far as he is concerned.
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