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Esteemed Colonists:

This is an open letter thanking all of you for choosing to take part in shaping the future of Haeleris. You have taken the first steps beyond the bounds of our system into an undiscovered realm. The vessel X-Colony 1 will bring you to the system of Touketti, and it is here that the first of our colonies beyond our star, the golden Haeleris, will be planted and will grow.

This undertaking will be a difficult one; there is no path through the wilds for you to follow. We are confident, however, that you will succeed: you were either chosen for your aptitude, the best of minds, of wits, of arms; or, in the spirit of altruism or adventure, you volunteered to take this journey. Whatever has moved you to help pave this road to prosperity heretofore unknown, we rest assured that your reasons are the best of reasons.

You have come from Betalla. You have come from Sanveril. You have come from Muntoas. You have come from Warren Station. Wherever you were born, you have come from Haeleris.

You are scientists. You are engineers. You are workers. You are doctors. You are soldiers. Whatever role you have set forth to play, you are leading humanity's charge toward discovery.

Health and Happiness, In the Name of Those Who Watch From Beyond,

Mara Etruss, PhD.
Secretary of Combined Research, Colonial Council

Admiral Johann Greave
of the Stellar Navy of Betalla

Rolan Averrim
Chief Executor of the Colonial Council

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Haeleris System
The Haeleris system is humanity's birthplace - at least, as far as these humans are aware. There are two planets here that are inhabited without the use of environmental assistance: Betalla (the human homeworld) and Muntoas. There are colonies throughout the rest of the system, under environmental domes on a few other planets, on moons (such as Sanveril, a moon-based research complex) and on artificial space stations (such as Warren Station, the bastion of the Stellar Navy).

Important for Players:

1. You can choose to come from any of the places I have named, or you can name and describe a new location in the system.

2. Up until fifteen years ago, Betalla and Muntoas had been warring for decades. Betalla's eventual victory lead to the dissolution of all of Muntoas' naval fleets and several years of economic sanctions against Muntoas and its allies. In the wake of all of this, there has been a strong propaganda push to promote the view that Haeleris system is politically unified, but in reality it is Betalla that dominates around the star. This is highly contentious in some circles.

3. The Colonial Council was established hundreds of years ago during the first colonizations beyond the skies of Betalla, but it is only recently - after the conclusion of the Betalla-Muntoas War - that the organization came to be seen as the governing body of all of Haeleris. In word this is exactly so; in deed the Colonial Council is as powerful but no more than the terrestrial government of Betalla, and it often finds itself deadlocked with both this power and the Stellar Navy.

4. In addition to the four main factions in Haeleris (i.e., the Colonial Council, Betalla, the Stellar Navy and Muntoas), there is also a loose confederation of clans who wander the system. They engage in a wide variety of activities: hiring out mercenaries, claiming and selling resources, pirating merchant fleets, etc. Very rarely do any of them settle, preferring to float about in fleets of almost archaic starships. The Colonial Council in particular tends to try to ignore their existence, while Muntoas, in contrast, forged ties with many of the clans during the war.

The Touketti Colonization Mission
The launching of X-Colony 1 is humanity's first attempt to establish colonies outside of the Haeleris system. The warp drive was developed more than ten years ago once the pieces of FTL Theory had finally come together; following this, the Colonial Council (especially the Combined Research wing) has been lobbying for extrastellar colonization. Annually rejected in favor of continued post-war reconstruction, the necessary measures were not approved until the Colonial Council had secured the support of the navy.

The Touketti system is believed to contain at least one habitable planet (as the star is similar in size, luminosity and make-up as Haeleris), but very little else is known about it. Despite a few years of small-scale exploration using the new FTL technology, never has a Haeleris vessel reached another star system.

The journey is expected to take a total of approximately 250 days and more or less 35 jumps. The total distance is about 16 light years, therefore each jump will be approximately 0.447 light years, with 0.048 light years' travel expected at sub-light speeds. There will be one jump (approximately) every 7 days, 3 hours, 25 minutes and 43 seconds. Although the warp drive could certainly take jumps more frequently, the ballpark ETA of 250 days was set to avoid stressing the equipment.

X-Colony 1
There are a number of "factions" aboard the X-Colony 1, which depend largely on occupation. The companies that have been chosen for the mission have paid a large price to be involved; for example, Greffolus Ltd. has turned the majority of its shares over to the Colonial Council.

Stellar Navy of Betalla
All military personnel, soldiers and pilots belong to this group, as well as mechanics, etc., employed in the ship's hangar and doctors, etc., employed in the sick bay (some of whom may have been bought from Aeirol Corp.). Although the navy holds considerable power aboard X-Colony 1, for the most part it is still beneath the control of the Colonial Civilian Government.

Aeirol Corp.
An R&D corporation based on Betalla, the company Aeirol Corp. has provided the scientists, engineers and various kinds of scholars on board X-Colony 1.

Greffolus Agriculture & Cultivation Ltd.
Greffolus Ltd. employs the farmers aboard X-Colony 1. These employees, along with some service workers from the Civilian Quarter, are charged with food distribution prior to arrival at the destination planet.

Rennen Corp.
Rennen Corp. provides civilian mechanics and a variety of laborers and custodial workers. They perform many jobs aboard X-Colony 1, from waste management to regular maintenance to resource funneling (fuel in particular).

Civilian Quarter
The civilian quarter represents a block of citizens who (for the most part) perform no regular work on the X-Colony 1 as they are primarily craftsmen or service workers. This also includes the Colonial Civilian Government, which is charged with overseeing the ship's progress and resolving any disputes that might arise. This group of colonists is directly under the control of the Colonial Council.

There are a total of 30,000 colonists on board X-Colony 1. Because breeding and population growth will be emphasized once the colony is established, the population was purposely kept close to 50/50 in terms of sex. Individuals of many phenotypes can be found on X-Colony 1. Most of these colonists follow the Iolorian Host religion (if any at all), the majority polytheistic religion of Haeleris.

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Post Gameplay Info. Reply with quote
* I will roll all of the dice, and I will be using dice-rolling programs. I don't actually have any real dice here with me.
* I would prefer your posts to be in third-person format and in the present tense.
* The tone of the game will be serious and dramatic. Horror elements will be used from time to time.
* Tell me how you're using Plot Points in ((out-of-character text)). If what you're trying to do is a bit complicated, PM me. I may ask you beforehand in PM or IM if you want to spend Plot Points on a roll I'm just about to make for you.

Otherwise these guidelines will be used.
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