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Wrubas "Gauntshadow" Zethran

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Wrubas "Gauntshadow" Zethran
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Post Wrubas "Gauntshadow" Zethran Reply with quote
Whispers gnomes are in Races of Stone.

Wrubas "Gauntshadow" Zethran
Player: David (mighty_manrock)
Whisper gnome
Region: Zilargo?
Deity: None
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Languages: Common, Gnome, Terran, Elven
Age: 47
Height, Weight: 3'7", 38 lbs.
Eye, Hair Color: Pale bluish gray, Dark brown
Skin Color: Light tan

Level 1: Rogue 1
Hit Dice:
1d6+2 (8 hp)
Initiative: +4
Speed: 30 ft.
Armor Class: 18 (+3 Armor, +4 Dex, +1 Size), touch 15, flat-footed 14
Base Attack/Grapple: +0; -4
Attack: short sword +1 melee (1d4, 19-20/x2), light crossbow +5 ranged (1d6, 19-20/x2)
Saves: Fort +2, Ref +6, Will +1
Abilities: (28-point buy) STR 10, DEX 18, CON 14, INT 14, WIS 12, CHA 6
Skills/Feats: Balance 8 (4+4), Climb 4, Craft (poisonmaking) 4 (2+2), Disable Device 6 (4+2), Disguise -1 (1-2), Escape Artist 6 (2+4), Hide 18 (4+4+8+2), Jump 4, Listen 4 (1+1+2), Move Silently 14 (4+4+4+2), Open Lock 8 (4+4), Search 3 (1+2), Sleight of Hand 6 (2+4), Spot 4 (1+1+2), Tumble 6 (2+4); Stealthy
Special Attacks: sneak attack +1d6
Special Qualities: whisper gnome qualities (incl. silence 1/day), trapfinding
Possessions: mwk studded leather, short sword, light crossbow (30 bolts)

Planned Progression
Rogue 2
3: Rogue 3 (Feat: Weapon Finesse)
4: Rogue 4 (Sub.: Disruptive Attack [PHB2]; DEX +1)
5: Rogue 5
6: Assassin 1 (Feat: Weapon Focus [short sword])
7: Assassin 2
8: Assassin 3 (DEX +1)
9: Rogue 6 (Feat: Telling Blow [PHB2])
10: Rogue 7
11: Assassin 4
12: Rogue 8 (Feat: Improved Critical [short sword]; DEX +1)
13: Assassin 5
14: Assassin 6
15: Assassin 7 (Feat: ?)
16: Rogue 9 (DEX +1)
17: Assassin 8
18: Rogue 10 (Improved Evasion, Feat: ?)
19: Assassin 9
20: Assassin 10 (DEX +1)
Rogue 10 / Assassin 10
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Joined: 01 Nov 2006
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Post Reply with quote
Andrew, if you'd rather work up a different niche/origin for whisper gnomes in your campaign, I'll change this to what you have in mind.

Whisper Gnomes
Approximately 7.5% of gnomes are whisper gnomes. Like the rock gnomes of Eberron, whisper gnomes have lived in Zilargo for thousands of years. Though they are generally both taller and lankier than their cousins, whisper gnomes are not immediately recognizable as different for the most part. The child of a whisper gnome and a rock gnome is just as likely to be either; even so, whisper gnomes have tried to maintain a separate community from their relatives.

Whisper gnomes are known for an inordinate involvement with illicit affairs, especially spying, assassination and theft. This leads rock gnomes to be wary of them on the one hand but just as often to use them to fuel the political intrigue of Zilargo (e.g., to gather blackmail, etc.). Individual whisper gnomes involved in this sort of underworld activity are more than happy to reveal their subrace; communities of whisper gnomes, however, often go to great lengths to project themselves as average rock gnomes. Discovered whisper gnome communities are known to disperse in order to obscure their identities once more.

Whisper gnomes often learn Terran and use it to communicate amongst one another.

Traghao Mul
Traghao Mul is a criminal network, primarily of whisper gnomes, throughout Khorvaire. Most of their work involves assassination; they do take other sorts of jobs, but they refuse to steal or get involved in political deception.

Traghao Mul was founded in 911 YK when the leaders of several politically-motivated, whisper gnome assassins' guilds bounded together in disgust at the raging Last War. Unsatisfied with Zilargo's neutrality, Traghao Mul spread throughout Khorvaire on a mission to restore the Kingdom of Galifar through means of assassination of those who spurned the Last War on. Needless to say, their actions did little to curb the tide of war.

The goals of Traghao Mul have since changed: with the Last War ended and Khorvaire still divided, the assassins of Traghao Mul kill to keep war from breaking out once more - and for simple pay.

Despite their arguably noble cause, Traghao Mul must be said to be a Lawful Evil organization: they don't care who they have to kill as long as it re-establishes order - order according to their wishes.

Traghao Mul in the World
Most people know very little, if anything, about Traghao Mul; nevertheless, claiming to be a member publicly is still risky, because having anyone within earshot who is aware of the organization would pretty much get you killed.

Probably by Traghao Mul itself.

Traghao Mul maintains dozens of secret apprentice halls throughout Khorvaire to train and indoctrinate its recruits. It has very little upper authority; if a grave matter must be decided upon by the entire organization, the heads of the apprentice halls usually meet. Outside of this, however, these individuals have no special power.

Individual assassins are encouraged to form subchapters or private practices, and for the most part they are given quite a bit of legroom. Traghao Mul depends on the indoctrinization of its ideals to further influence its trained assassins, warning them that straying severely from Traghao Mul's philosophy in their practice will be a grave mistake.

Subchapters can be structured in various ways as long as they do not contradict the purposes of Traghao Mul.

Traghao Mul assassins are taught to behave a certain way with clients. Trust is paramount - both ways, client-to-assassin and vice versa.

Assassins are encouraged to meet clients face-to-face. They are not to accept jobs lightly or jobs that contradict the Traghao Mul philosophy, and assassins are instructed to swear solemnly their dedication to the client's wishes. Assassins are forbidden to blackmail clients unless their contract of trust has already been broken by the client.

Actual practice of the assassin-client relationship varies but generally falls within these trust guidelines.
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Joined: 01 Nov 2006
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Post Reply with quote
Wrubas Zethran's family has been involved in Traghao Mul since its inception. Orphaned when a mission turned sour for his parents, Wrubas was taken in by the assassins' guild itself and shaped into a heartless killer.

Wrubas, known as "Gauntshadow" to his clients, fully believes in the cause of Traghao Mul: the world is filled with fools and ruled by warmongers and egomaniacs. The masses must be protected from the ineptitude of their rulers; if an innocent has to die in the pursuit of this, that's acceptable. Freedom of action has definite, preferibly harsh limits; he believes the organization he serves is a force of nature that corrects these broaches of proper, lawful behavior.

Gauntshadow is lawful evil; however, his deep conviction in the stated goals of Traghao Mul would lead him to deny any accusation that he is cruel or immoral. If anything, he would consider the evil acts he performs necessary.

Zethran is a low-ranking member of a local (wherever "local" is in the campaign) subchapter of Traghao Mul called (... I'll figure it out).

Physical Description
Gauntshadow is thin (DEX 18) - even emaciated (despite CON 14) - but tough (CON). His fingers are particularly long (DEX) and boney (despite CON). He ain't too pretty (CHA 6), but it's not so much his looks that make him unappealing - it's an inexplicable aura of strangeness. Something - or, more accurately, a little of everything - in the way he looks at you, speaks, gestures and even carries himself just seems vaguely disturbing (CHA).

Mental/Social Attributes
Wrubas is not stupid (INT 14) or crazy (WIS 12) by any measure. As deplorable as his beliefs might be, they at least sound logical in the way he expresses them. Gauntshadow is however extremely aloof and his demeanor forbidding (CHA).
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either you make more constructive (technically) use of your free time

you have a hell of a lot of characters stocked up

either way
i am impressed


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