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ght by request here is the Questionairre.

Note: This may change as characters introduced later may not come from the vault!

Send the answers in this to with the subject Drew20.


You are residents of Vault 13. Your life has consisted of Routine. The halls of the vault have all the commodities a person living in our real world would know. The Vault is relatively large with a population of around 300. The Vault is Clean. All human waste is processed into usable material. Especially urine; All water in the Vault is the original water that was in the vault when it was closed during the time Vaulters know as the Shutting. All water is gathered cleansed and reused over and over, for over 150 years now. The whole process is governed by one processor known as the Water Chip. It regulates and distributes water to the Humidity controller and various water taps in the bathrooms and kitchen. Water is used freely and is not rationed because of the overwhelming capacity of the water cleansing system.

Your knowledge of the world is based off of preserved media which exist in the computers media library. This Library includes Thousands of books stored electronically in a large computer network, it also includes movies and television shows. You have access to any knowledge you as the player may have access to now.

Vaulters lives consist mostly of study and exercise. Exercise is an important part of your life; though some exercise is mandatory for the Vault Health Standards and Common Practice Laws you may exceed the required amount by however much you wish. Same for Education while some is required there will be some who are more studios than others.

Socialism would best describe the government of the vault.

Based off this knowledge and whatever the fuck else I have told you answer the following questions in a separate word document (or I will kill you). Ask me questions if you donít get it. Answer all questions in character unless otherwise noted. Give back to me ASAP

1. What is your name and number? (pick a name and number 1-303).
2. What does your character look like?
3. What are some of your traits?
4. What do you enjoy about the Vault?
5. What do you hate about the Vault?
6. What do you think your characters Personal Vault Service Requirement (job) should be? (this can be anything, flights of fancy are welcome in this question)
7. What do you think the outside world is like? (try not to meta game fuckers lets think in character)
8. What is your Vice?
9. What is your Virtue?
10. What is your favorite kind of story?
11. What is life in the Vault to you?
12. What does your character think about the Shutting? Does he feel the eventual opening of the vault will be a good or bad thing? Does he want it to happen?
13. What does your Personal Daily Registered Routine consist of ? (Do you exercise more? Make room for leisure?)
14. How do you feel about the End-Age? (the time before the Shutting what could be considered the time that you the player live in)
15. How do you get along with other Vaulters?
16. Why do you get along with them in this fashion?
17. Do you disagree with the ideas of Socialism practiced by Vaulters?
18. What do you Value the most?
19. Describe your personality in 2 words or less.
20. What are your favorite things?
21. Would you like to have a rival?
22. What do you fear?
23. How do you talk to people?
24. Why do you talk to them like this?
25. Do you think that your character can personally own anything? (this goes against the socialist ideas of the Vault you will have grown up with)
26. What are your least favorite things?
27. Do you have ambitions?
28. What would you like to have more than anything?
29. What kind of people would you like to have as friends
30. What kind of people would you never want to associate with?
31. What could change your characters perception the most?
32. What offends you?
33. What pleases you?
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