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Star Wars
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Star Wars
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Absorb/Dissipate Energy
Accelerate Healing (core)
Concentration (core)
Control Disease
Control Pain (core)
Detoxify Poison
Enhance Attribute
Force of Will
Hibernation Trance (core)
Instinctive Astrogation Control
Reduce Injury
Remain Conscious
Resist Stun
Short-Term Memory Enhancement

Beast Languages
Combat Sense
Danger Sense
Instinctive Astrogation
Life Detection (core)
Life Sense (core)
Life Web
Magnify Senses
Receptive Telepathy (core)
Sense Force (core)
Sense Path
Shift Sense
Weather Sense


Life Bond
Lightsaber Combat (core)
Projective Telepathy (core)

Accelerate Another's Healing
Control Another's Disease
Control Another's Pain
Control Breathing
Detoxify Poison in Another
Feed On Dark Side
Force Lightning
Inflict Pain
Place Another in Hibernation Trance
Remove Another's Fatigue
Return Another To Consciousness
Transfer Force

Affect Mind
Battle Meditation
Control Mind
Create Force Storm
Drain Life Essence
Enhanced Coordination
Force Harmony
Projected Fighting
Telekinetic Kill
Transfer Life

Dim Other's Senses
Lesser Force Shield
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Dacer Seurg
AKA Swoop

Dexterity 3D+1
* Blaster +1D (Carbines)
* Dodge +1D
* Vehicle Dodge +2

Perception 3D
* Bargain +2
* Hide +1
* Sneak +1D

Knowledge 2D
* Languages +2
* Planetary Systems +1D
* Value +1D

Strength 2D+2
* Stamina +1

Mechanical 4D+1
* Astrogation +1D+1
* Sensors +1
* Space Transports +2D+2
* Starship Gunnery +1
* Swoop Operation +2

Technical 3D
* Computer Programming/Repair +2 (Starship Systems)
* Security +1D
* Space Transport Repair +1D

Force Stuff (? out of 2D)

Equipment: Besides a blaster carbine, datapad, comlink and the trademark swoop helmet, I don't have any preferences; whatever you decide to give him is fine.

Background (Updated)

Dacer Seurg, born on Selonia, had aspired to be a pilot since before he could remember. As a teenager he was involved in swoop racing; despite the illegality of this activity, his skill caught the eye of the Empire's recruitment program.

Starting at age 17, he was trained as an Imperial transport pilot; but after completing the program, he very quickly lost interest in the Empire's goals. Dacer began working freelance; however, at this point he wasn't very independent in his work since he didn't own his own ship, working as a sort of rent-a-pilot.

Before long he met the zabrak Daranek Valyagar on Nar Shaddaa, who offered to share ownership of his freighter with Dacer in exchange for his help in paying off a debt. Seurg agreed without hesitation, and through their coming adventures, the two developed a close friendship. Even as it dawned on Dacer that his agreement had legally binded him to part of Daranek's debt, he remained loyal to his co-pilot.

Dacer Seurg isn't exactly an alcoholic, but he really, really likes to go on a good bender.

After a series of odd jobs, Dacer and Daranek came to work for the Rebellion, under the strict leadership of the man known only as Sarge. They took part in several high-risk missions. Often the two would become disgusted at their (perceived) low pay and their treatment under Sarge and leave; however, after knocking about space a bit, they would always come back to the Rebels and always be placed under Sarge's command.

Dacer, like his comrades, played no part in the events surrounding the destruction of the first Death Star.

Recently Seurg has come to inner conflict. He sympathizes with the Rebels but worries that further involvement with them will limit his employment opportunities and free enterprise, if what he's already done hasn't ruined them already. He regrets having gotten too deeply involved in such affairs.

Personality: He seems carefree (almost apathetic) at times, but Dacer is really a helpful, sympathetic person at heart. He is loyal to those he calls friends (especially Daranek) with the utmost sincerity. He can get a bit brash in trying situations, which can easily turn to fear and flight when he realizes just how trying those situations are. He knows how to go on a bender.

Objectives: Pay off Daranek's debt, gain piloting experience, help the Rebels without putting all his proverbial eggs in one basket, earn his fair share of credits, figure out what that strange, "otherworldy" feeling he gets sometimes is.

A Quote: "We should definitely go on a bender after this."

Connections With Characters: Daranek's co-pilot and close friend. Geeto's squadmate. Sarge's subordinate. And Dacer has at least heard of if not experienced the glory that is Benny.
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